A5 EVAP Smoke Generator

New Release of leak detector with latest improvement of technology.
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A5 Smoke Generator

Inbuilt air compressor, fit all passenger car systems.

The A5 Series Automotive Diagnostic Leak Detector is designed for test leaks in vehicle pipe systems. It could be used on all cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV,light trucks, boats, etc.

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  • Fit all passenger car systems
  • Inbuilt air compressor with smoe flow rate up to 10L/min, or with external shop air support up to 20L/Min
  • DC 12V vehicle battery driven
  • Support UV detection method for tiny leaks1
  • Equipped with pressure gauge and flow adjustable meter to ensure quick diagnosis of leak status
  • Instant smoke output
  • Dual working mode supported:Air mode/ Smoke mode
  • Smart 5 minutes working cycle control

Applicable system

In addition to turbo-charged systems, all automotive gas circuits, oil circuit systems. Does not apply to smoke-sensitive components, such as headlamps assembly.


01 plastic case

Plastic Case

02 power cords

Power Cords

03 smoke tube

Smoke Tube

04 intake adaptor cone

Intake Adaptor Cone

05 evap service port adaptor

EVAP Service Port Adaptor

06 cap stopper(set)

Cap stopper(set)

07 universal intake adaptor

Universal Intake Adaptor

08 smoke oil

Smoke oil

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Pressure 0.5 Psi
Smoke Flow 10 L/Min
Power Supply DC 12V
Air Source Inbuilt Air Compressor
Chemical Load(Max) 40 ml
Unit Dim L29cm x W17cm x H21.5cm
Delivery Weight 5.6kg
Delivery Dim L33.5cm x W33.5cm x H26.5cm


Units in box: 1