MDVCI-EVO Diagnosi Kit

The MDVCI-EVO of Maserati Diagnostics System. It's cover Maserati from 1995 -201X year Levante(M161), Ghibli(M157), Quattroporte(M139 M156), GT(M138), GranTurismo(M145), 3200GT.

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Maserati Diagnosi Vehicle Communication Interface.

The MDVCI-EVO of Maserati Diagnostics System is an electronic device for the diagnostics of electronic control units(ECU) installed in modern vehicles. It's cover Maserati from 1995 year(Ghibli and Quattroporte)3200GT,4200 from MY2002-MY2006,Qauttroporte and gran tourismo from 2004 till 2017.

The New Maserati diagnostic tester system is a Panasonic CF laptop device. It is also equipped with:

  • Standard CAN OBD cable x1
  • M156/157 CAN OBD cable x1
  • MDVCI-EVO Interface
  • Panasoinc CF laptop

Maserati Diagnosi Tester can be interfaced to a PC containing the software required to update the ECU diagnostics software throughone of the following lines:

  • Standard RS232C serial line
  • USB serial line
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbit network
  • Ethernet Wireless 802.11b network
For better efficiency and faster data transfer between the PC and the DEIS unit, we suggest you use the USB line for communications.
Support Model
  • 3200 GT (3200 GT)
  • Ghibli (M157)
  • Gransport (Gransport)
  • GranTurismo (M145)
  • GT (M138)
  • Quattroporte (M139)
  • Quattroporte (M156)
  • Quattroporte MY (M139 MY)
  • MDVCI-Diagnosis software
  • Spare part catalogue
  • Wiring diagram
  • Service menu / Work hour menu
  • Module location menu
  • Diagnosis/Guide Function
  • Live data / Coding
  • Active/Special function
  • Programming ( Immobilizer system need ON-Line Access account )

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  • MDVCI-Panasonic CF-D1
  • MDVCI-Diagnosis interface
  • Standard OBD cable
  • M156/M157 OBD cable
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • Tool box