Mitsubishi MUT-3 for Cars and Trucks has developed the Mitsubishi MUT-3 for Cars and Trucks as a next generation diagnosis tester for servicing these...

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In accordance with releasing new products that introduce CAN communications systems, MMC has developed the Mitsubishi MUT-3 for Cars and Trucks as a next generation diagnosis tester for servicing these new and future vehicles.

A personal computer (PC) is connected to the MUT-III unit and used as a system's control terminal, and communicates with a vehicle ECU through the VCI. In addition to being able to handle all diagnosis functions covered by the conventional MUT-II tester, the MUT-III system can display data as easy-to-understand diagrams and graphs on a large screen of the PC. Unlike the MUT-II, the MUT-III can retain data on all vehicles, from old to new models, classified according to destination in the PC's hard disk. This eliminates the awkward but essential job with the MUT-II, of switching the data list (communications protocol data and diagnosis item list database) by replacing the ROM pack with another according to the vehicle model and year model

New functions that make use of the advantages of the PC are also being developed. For example, the workshop manual viewer is a useful function for mechanics as they no longer have to carry around a thick manual and search for relevant pages while working on a vehicle. The workshop manual viewer is currently available for certain vehicle models, and allows users to retrieve the pages containing the failure code for a particular problem at the push of a button.

{tab Package}

Vehicle Communication Interface (V. C. I. ) (MB991824)

A communication interface used to connect the vehicle ECUs and the PC.

  1. When connected with the PC
    Vehicle diagnosis (Interactive fault diagnosis)
    SWS communication; CAN communication support
    Drive recorder
    ECU reprogramming
    Volt, Ohm, measurement
    Fuel pressure measurement (Not available in US)
  2. When used with the V. C. I. Unit (disconnected from PC)
    V. C. I. Stand-alone diagnosis
    Drive recorder
    ECU reprogramming
    Volt, Ohm measurement
    Belt Tension measurement

MUT III Main Harness A (MB991910)

  • Used when connecting the V. C. I. with vehicles that have Only one 16-pin diagnosis connector.
  • Supports fault diagnosis and ECU updating on the Above-described vehicles
  • Supports the CAN communication system

MUT III Main Harness B (MB991911)

Used when connecting V. C. I. with vehicles that have a 16-pin + 12-pin or 16-pin + 13-pin diagnosis connector.

For models equipped with only 12-pin (or 12-pin + 12-pin) Diagnosis connector, connect the M. U. T. -II adapter harness (MB991498) to the end of this harness in the same as M. U. T. -II, and power is supplied from the cigarette lighter Socket.

{tab Functions}


  • Color Display
  • Fast vehicle scan
  • Can perform drive recorder on most Mit-subishi vehicles
  • Data Display utilizes either graphical or digital display